The company's job is consequently totally centralised in Swansea, with the bulk of individuals having to transact remotely - by post or (for some purchases) by phone.

[2] In 2010 it was exposed that the DVLA had sold drivers' information from the database to specific personal parking enforcement firms run by individuals with criminal records.

This notice will certainly establish a "VIC pen" on the automobile document on the DVLA data source.

This phone number will put you through to a customer service advisor who will help you with your query.The DVLA markets information to firms for ₤ 2.50, but it was discovered that the company had actually sold a few of these to a business which had actually been penalizeded weeks before for unjust service methods.[16] In 2009 BBC's Watchdog reported that entitlements, specifically the privilege to own a motorcycle, were being shed from reissued owning permits.You can also write to the DVLA vehicle tax & SORN department with your enquiries by using their postal address below, however this is likely to take significantly longer than calling their telephone helpline.Vehicle Customer Services, DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AR, United Kingdom.

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